My Loquat Tree

My loquat tree is displaying some beautiful fruit this year.  There are so many different varieties of this tree and I’m not sure exactly what mine is but she sure is beautiful!  Apparantly the tree is indigenous to China.  From there it went to Japan, then to Hawaii and then to California.  The fruit is small, kind of pear shaped and yellowish orange in color.  It has soft, downy skin, like a peach.   To me the fruit itself tastes like a cross between an apricot and a peach.  Sometimes sour and sometimes sweet, (I guess you could say “tartly sweet”)-but very juicy.

I’ve never made anything with the loquat before, but maybe this year I’ll attempt to….  Why not, I’ve got so many!!!   The fruit is very fragile though so not sure what would work.  I have been hunting for some recipes and have come across some– mostly for jams and jellies.  I did notice that they could be poached is syrup or made into pies or tarts.  So if any one has had some experience  or a recipe they have tried with this unusual fruit I would sure be interested in it…  I would like to try something before the birds eat them all!!!

* Christine*


4 Responses to “My Loquat Tree”

  1. Rachel Kaganoff Ster Says:

    Loquat fruit is not only fragile, it has a very short shelf life off of the tree – really only a few hours. After that it will turn brown and rot. We make jam with ours. It is absolutely delicious. You can follow any apricot jam recipe and it will work just fine. It’s a bit more elegant if you peel it, but we make jam with the peel and it’s lovely. Once you’ve made jam you can thin it out and use it as a glaze on pies and tarts. Don’t pick the fruit until you’re all ready to do the work. Get your sugar, lemon juice, pots, jars, etc.. all ready. THEN, pick the fruit, bring it indoors and start cutting it up and taking out the pits. It will brown a bit even while you prep- don’t worry – it will be fine in the jam. If you have further questions drop me an e-mail. i have a recipe I can e-mail to you.

  2. Stella Says:

    Hey, I’m so glad you shared this with me on Foodbuzz.. I was walking with my Cauldron Boy yesterday in our subtropical hollow. We came upon a tree with fruit. He assured me it was for the birds! Now I know it’s not-this is exactly the tree we saw. I might make some kind of tart or something…
    Thanks Ladies!

    • C and C Dish Says:

      Hey Stella, I know how apprehensive finding an unusual fruit tree can be. I myself was leary to try this beauty until I saw someone else taste it first… They are addicting!!! I just go out and pick some every morning, all day long, anytime and eat them. The skin is not so great and beware if the seeds—the seeds are supposed to be VERY toxic. They dont have a long shelf life and really dont ripen after they are picked like most fruits. Its pretty much pick and eat or use immediately…. Well enjoy your new discovery…. Christine

  3. denise @ quickies on the dinner table Says:

    Beautiful pictures! I poach these then chill them before serving – so refresing!

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