Tropical Fruit Smoothie

I love pineapple thats fresh and sweet and now is the season for that.  I like to cut up my fruit a head of time and freeze it—makes for a really thick and icey smoothie.  A good tip with fruit:  when it comes in season and it gets cheaper to buy I always buy a lot and freeze what I dont get around to eating.  Never throw fruit away.  Freeze, freeze, freeze.  When blueberries are cheaper in the summer I always buy 4 to 5 pints and what I dont eat I wash and freeze in a ziplock bag.  You can always use them in any baked goods and especially smoothies.  That way you never have to add ice.  Same with bananas.  I peel them first and slice them in chuncks and pop them into baggie and freeze.  Just pull out what I need when Im ready.  I have frozen peaches, cantalope, honeydue, and even papaya and watermelon. 

For this smoothie I used:
1   1/2 cups chopped pineapple
1   banana  chopped
2  kiwis chopped
3/4   cup OJ
1/2  cup  Dole Pineapple Mango Juice
1/2  cup  Knudsen Pineapple Coconut Juice
Add to blender and makes 2 full glasses…

Enjoy   * Chrisitne*